Fiber Optic Splicing (Fusion), Commercial Fiber Optic Installation, Fiber NID Install, POTS Conversion, Multiple Dwelling Unit Premise Wiring, Ethernet Install, Cable TV / Set Top Box Install, FTTH/FTTH Cutover Service, Testing Services,  Connectorization & Polishing, Emergency Restoration, In-Service Hot Cuts, Rodding, Place Inner Duct/Manholes, Construction of Remote Sites, Custom Cable Assembly, Engineering and Design Capabilities

  • Wired Multi-point high-speed internet distribution!

  • Without the weakness of wireless WIFI internet!

  • 10/100Mbps ethernet with standard coaxial cable!  Plus add DISH TV to same coax option!  Fiber Option!

  • Increase revenue by offering secure and cost-effective multimedia services for MDU and MTU guests!

  • Minimal need for infrastructure modification and the high costs that accompany it!

  • Ideal for apartments, hotels, resorts, sports centers and other places that need a high-bandwidth multimedia-network with multiple endpoints!

  • Offer guests secure high-speed internet they demand at a price that can't be beat!

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